Isabelle’s work is influenced by a longtime collaboration with Susan Batson, one of the most significant Hollywood acting coaches in the world and Robert Castle, a unique director and the founder of International Theater New York (Evolution of method acting). Her method is based on ‘method acting’ which was originally created by Stanislavsky and further developed by Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler and Sanford Meisner. The actor is trained to create the character’s life using the senses in order to produce a reality. The actor discovers a physical and emotional availability that leads to working moment- to-moment based on spontaneous organic impulses and their free expression through the character. The technique offers actors the freedom to be emotionally available and artistically creative in both theatre and film.  Isabelle offers acting courses in English and German live in Berlin and online globally. Working via Skype/Zoom has been proven successful in the English and German speaking market. In this case no rehearsal room is required. Isabelle adheres to all the current hygiene and distancing guidelines.
ACTING CLASSES FOR ALL LEVELS From beginner to highly experienced film and stage actors Preparation for auditioning at theatres and drama schools Working on monologues and scenes Coaching for film or stage roles and casting auditions E-casting training and filming Individual coaching to support your growth as an artist Insider tips, helping to find the right talent agent, networking tips et al.
Per hour Pupils 60 Euro Casting Independent Films 70 Euro Preparation for shooting 80 Euro Monologue and Scene Work 80 Euro
Right from the start I felt very comfortable having found Isabelle as my coach. This impression was justified as each coaching session with her was energizing and fun as well as providing with tools that enabled me to increase my performance during my current engagements. The main focus was on monologues and dialogues in German and English. Her coaching style, specifically the way in which she provides feedback is incredibly professional and to the point. I wholeheartedly recommend Isabelle for any coaching needs for budding as well as established actors and actresses.
Working on monologues with Isabelle was very inspiring. She always gives thoughtful and constructive feedbacks that allowed me to progress fast and durable. She created a pleasant atmosphere while maintaining a level requirement that is conducive to work with good results. I warmly recommend her class.
The lessons provided by Isabelle have broadened my perspektive, have been very enjoyable and continuously inspired me to have new ideas. Her objective and cordial mannerisms encourages me to try new things as I feel safe in her presence. Working with her allows me to efficiently further develop my monologues for the drama school auditions.
Michèle Zaghdoudi, drama student from Berlin
Taking lessons with Isabelle is positively intensive. The intensity is very helpful to further my knowledge. She provides input so that I am able to take these inputs and run with them. Her sympathetic ways and her professionalism help to drive me forward. We worked on various monologues which Isabelle used to highlight different acting techniques and she gave me tips how to implement these techniques. The lessons I took with Isabelle provided me the ability to slip in various different roles which increased my self-confidence for the drama school auditions.
Franziska Zeller, drama student from Berlin
Isabelle has fully committed herself to understanding my requirements and designed her lessons to specifically prepare me for my musical audition. Her sympathetic and professional approach has carried me through to achieving what I had set out for!
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